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Education System in Need of Reform in the USA

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  1. Introduction
  2. Kozol's visits to schools and other institutions
  3. The irony behind the name
  4. The implications that can be drawn from the argument
  5. Segregation in the education system
  6. The importance of integration
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works cited

New York City epitomizes superiority. Being one of the most renowned cities in the world, it is placed upon a pedestal. People travel here from across the globe for the cuisine, nightlife, and immense culture just to name a few. Another main attribute of the Big Apple is its vast diversity and integration, which is a topic that people who do not live here are greatly misinformed about. While it is true that many different nationalities and races inhabit this city, obvious segregation is still evident. The above quote is from a poem entitled ?I Don't Hear America Singing in the South Bronx,? in which Rodriquez-Montalyo writes about how hard it is to become successful coming from the South Bronx. She ends her poem by saying she is one of the few people who has had their voice heard growing up in such a racially segregated neighborhood. The heart of any problem can be found at its roots, so in the case of not becoming successful coming from a neighborhood such as the South Bronx, one can look at the flaws in the public education system. Children are growing up with a false sense of hope in certain neighborhoods, where only few prodigies make it out to be successful. Even though segregation has seemed to come to a legal end, this is not the case. In reality, children growing up in certain neighborhoods are not capable of affecting their own destiny and this segregation has an extreme negative impact on their lives.

[...] People may decide to live in segregated communities, but that doesn't mean that the public education system has to be inferior because of its geographic location. Many of these segregated neighborhoods probably come to mind, but the South Bronx, in particular the Mott Haven region, is statistically one of the absolute worst. When it comes to the living environment that the children have to endure, there is none like it in the rest of the United States. As stated in the very beginning of Jonathan Kozol's Ordinary Resurrections, of these children are black or Hispanic. [...]

[...] Kozol predicts that there will be no significant change made in the school system under this program and that within 10 years it will be deemed a failure.[9] Politicians are all scratching their heads when this issue is brought to the table, because no body knows how, or better yet if, it will ever be solved. Kozol offers his own solutions to this ongoing problem. He says, ?Mayor Bloomberg could also turn small schools from institutions that reinforce segregation into places that help break it down.? He believes that Bloomberg should provide incentives for the formation of small schools created solely to bring the poorest and richest children together in the same classroom. [...]

[...] In fact, the percentage of black children who now go to integrated schools has dropped to its lowest level since 1968. New York State is the most segregated state for black and Latino children in America. Seven out of eight black and Latino adolescents go to segregated schools. The majority of them go to schools where no more than two to four percent of the children are white. About 60 percent of all black students in New York State attend schools that are at least 90 percent black, according to a recent study by the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University. [...]

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