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Emergency accommodation in France

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Every winter, the announcement of the death of the homeless due to the harsh climate moves and revolts the French. This emotion also has its origin in the fear that eats away a portion of the company to be thrown to the street one day. Indeed, the French are Europeans who fear the most, up to 13% of them fear to become homeless one day, which is only 8% in the case of Britons, 2% in the case of Germans and 1% of Swedes.

Emergency shelter has become a problem which forms the core of the debate in French society, as revealed by the mobilization induced by the association of Les Enfants de Don Quichotte. Access to housing is the second integration policy, after returning to work is the policy undertaken by the government. However, its first step for emergency shelter now faces a dual problem due to insufficiency of its offer and lack of opportunity to the housing sector.

A first step forward was made with the consecration of a right to housing; however this right can not be a solution if it is not accompanied by a deliberate policy of improvement and development of emergency shelter that allows it to achieve almost systematically on housing. The right to housing (DALO) is not sufficient to solve all the problems of a political emergency shelter.

The emergency shelter responds to a need to shelter immediately, diagnosis and referral. It is characterized, in principle, for a short duration of stay, which should not be terminated until a solution has not been proposed to the person granted (continuity principle laid down in Article 4 of the DALO law).

Tags: Emergency accommodation in France; emergency shelter for homeless; consecration of a right to housing; right to housing (DALO)

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