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Hamartia: Of Man And God

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  1. Introduction
  2. The outcome and consequence of her actions
  3. Good and bad: The two distinct paths
  4. Cal's wants to make his father proud
  5. The choice to do good and help others
  6. Conclusion
  7. Citation

The human genome has twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, genes of each intricately woven into the fabric of our beings. Their amino acid constituents are programmed to function and because they determine particular characteristics of organisms, they control who we are. Are we thus compelled by these fragile bodies to fulfill what's written inside of them?our biological inheritance?more than what we want in life? If so, humanity would be the world's homogeneous mixture, but if we look around, no two people are the same. The reason why rests in an age-long phenomenon: choice. The epitome of this pseudo-blessing defines the human condition, which encompasses both positive and negative aspects of our existence. God made us to live for ourselves therefore we process the ability to think and process. His gift of choice let Adam name each living creature, and made him ?free to eat from any tree in the garden [of Eden]? (Genesis, 2:16). However, though God gave us the potential to do good, the choice He gave us lets us choose equally between good and evil thereby rendering the human both of these things.

[...] Where there is good, there is bad, so those who are so keen on achieving the highest level of good possible find themselves unable to deal with their own problems. Take for example Lee, the wise voice of reason throughout the novel. He is the domestic servant in Adam Trask's house and is surprisingly erudite for a man of his status. He takes on the burdens of everyone in the household and toward the end, when he finds that he has given so much to help ameliorate the lives of others, he himself has no one to turn to. [...]

[...] Wisdom comes with age and experience, therefore by Adam and Eve's impetuous decision to go against the word of God in attempt to gain something, it can be seen that they were not patient enough to wait for the wisdom that would come in due time. They wanted something good, but took a shortcut in obtaining it. Often times, it is much easier to give in to sin because its rewards are immediate and seem to outweigh its consequences for the moment being. [...]

[...] Man was created in God's image therefore humanity is instilled with what God believes to be good and righteous. This does not mean that a person is intrinsically good, but rather that he or she will be given the chance sometime in life to act on it. East of Eden exhibits this potential in its characters and though they may or may not fulfill it later on, it can be seen that it is present in every character, antagonist or not. [...]

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