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Harakat Al-Maqawama Al-Islamiyya (Hamas): From terrorism to politics

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  1. Abstract.
  2. History.
  3. Goals and motivation.
  4. Rise to power.
  5. From terrorism to politics.
  6. Conclusion.

?Believing in the sacredness of Palestine and its Islamic status, Hamas believes it impermissible under any circumstances to concede any part of Palestine or to recognize the Zionist occupation if it.? (Simon and Stevenson, 2003, p.59) This paper posits that Hamas' transformation from a terrorist organization to a successful political party forced it to adopt a more liberal attitude towards negotiations with Israel and lessen its reliance on armed struggle to achieve its goals. This paper looks into the history of Hamas and its transformation from a terrorist organization fighting for Palestinian liberation to a successful political party.

[...] Terrorism in the Name of Religion. Journal of International Affairs, 50(1) Schulz, Helena Lindholm (2002). The ?Al-Aqsa Intifada? as a Result of Politics of Transition. Arab Studies Quarterly, 24(4) Wing, Adrien Katherine (1993). Legitimacy and Coercion: Legal Traditions and Legal Rules during the Intifada. Middle East Policy, 87-103 Articles Blanche, Ed (2006, April). Hamas v. Fatah: The New Brooms of Hamas versus the Old Guard of Fatah The Transfer of Power Has Begun and All the Signs Are That It Will Not Go Smoothly. [...]

[...] The transformation of Hamas from a terrorist group ignored by most countries to a political party in the Palestinian government began with the decline of the PLO. Central to this shift was the intifadah, which forced the PLO to recognize the force of organizations in the occupied regions. the first time n the history of the Palestinian struggle to recover land and gain autonomy, the Palestinian political community saw a shift in the balance of power between the Palestinians residing inside the occupied territories and the PLO leadership outside. [...]

[...] From Terrorism to Politics The Palestinian Hamas has always been vocal about its willingness to use brute force against Israel. Strongly allied with the Islamic Jihad, Hamas has repeatedly called over action against the Israeli government and nation. However, as it stands, Hamas is now no longer a common resistance movement or terrorist group (an evaluation that remains anchored on perception). Though the position of president remains in the hands of the Fatah, it cannot be denied that Hamas has begun its transformation from a grass-roots movement against Israel, into a political party that will eventually have to appear in negotiations and discussions in the international diplomatic community. [...]

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