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How dangerous are the lyrics in rock music?

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  1. During the year of 1956, ? . . . the New York Times called rock music a 'communicable disease'?.
  2. As a society, we have become more concerned with rock music lyrics.
  3. Why are we exposing not only our children but ourselves to these lyrics that only help develop deviant behaviors?
  4. April 1999, two students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris open fired on students and faculty at Columbine High School.
  5. It would be unconstitutional to deny music artists their freedom of speech cited in the First Amendment.

Music is an important part of people's lives because it has the ability to change one's mood, inspire one to become what he/she desires, motivate one to reach for his/her goals, and help one relate better to others. However, with good comes the bad because recent studies have shown that the graphic and violent lyrics contained in rock music negatively impact people especially adolescents. Children are more prone to behave violently if they hear violence being glorified and glamorized in music. Why does rock'n'roll have a history of being equalized with violence, hate, drugs, alcohol, sex? How can it affect people?

[...] Obviously, these teenagers are becoming familiar with the content of these rock songs, which holds the potential for them to be more influenced by the morals or values expressed in the songs. A study showed, ?fans of rock music containing potentially negative themes (i.e., suicide, homicide, and satanic themes) were more likely to report that they knew all of the words to their favorite songs . ' and it was discovered, . their lyrics were important to their experience of the music' (Jipping 80). [...]

[...] There are certain characteristics in the lyrics that are considered to have a negative influence on adolescents because they discuss offensive and improper behavior. It has been said, ?Drugs and rock are synonymous in people's minds, and the connection is real? (Rockwell 224). Some children cannot identify the difference between wrong and right, so when they hear the glorification of drugs, alcohol, violence, racism, or sexism it is difficult for them to understand why these things are not appropriate behavior. [...]

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