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Our Generation: Mean or Dazed?: peer pressure and how we respond to it

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  1. Introduction
  2. The topic of popularity in the movie 'Mean Girls'
  3. Attention and the ultimate power
  4. The focus on popularity in Dazed and Confused
  5. The topic of peer pressure
    1. Peer pressure in Mean Girls
    2. Peer pressure in Dazed and Confused
  6. The difference between Mean Girls and Dazed and Confused
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

A vast multitude of movies have been made in an attempt to realistically recreate many generations on screen. Almost every generation has had a movie made to express the thoughts of the people within it. After searching several movies, I watched two in order to see which best represents our generation, Mean Girls and Dazed and Confused. After watching the movies, I found that Mean Girls more accurately portrays our generation than Dazed and Confused does. Both movies include many topics that can relate to our generation.

Keywords: popularity, our generation, Matthew McConaughey, Lindsay Lohan

[...] Since Dazed and Confused covered a shorter time span than Mean Girls did it is impossible to say how much popular culture affects the characters in Dazed and Confused. This renders the movie useless in the field of popular culture. While some may say that Dazed and Confused represents our generation and Mean Girls does not, I must disagree. Some may say that since there is much teenage drinking in Dazed and Confused that is an accurate depiction of our generation. [...]

[...] When confronted by the football coach, the school's quarterback sticks up for his burnout friend, something not commonly seen today between the people who are popular and those who are not. In addition, when we meet many of the people in Dazed and Confused they are not dressed very nicely, unlike Mean Girls and many popular people in our generation. It is also known that the most popular people have the nicest cars, which can not be said for Dazed and Confused. [...]

[...] During the course of the movie we never see or hear from parents for more than a few minutes and the parents never object to anything the girls are doing. The movie shows us that having wealthy, laid back parents is the key to becoming popular. Along with being able to do anything the girls want, they can dress in all the most popular clothes, go anywhere they want, and even drive the nicest cars. We see the opposite in less popular students in the movie, we see the athletes driving to a competition in a minivan, and parents yelling at their children for doing things they know are wrong. [...]

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