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Relationship between children and adults

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Presentation of the main characters.
  3. The relationship.
  4. A tragedy.
  5. The influence/outcome.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

Literature has always been a weapon to denounce with a stark and pure vision of the world the weaknesses of society. Literature has already explored the relationship between adults and children and its possible destructiveness. Indeed interpersonal interactions are mostly significant in the developmental stage of life with peers, parents and teachers and are greatly influenced by the environment such as the people you interact with and the education you receive. The purpose of this essay is to analyse the main relationship between adults and children and its impact on adult life described in three famous Anglo-Irish stories: The Poteen Maker by Michael McLaverty, The Visitor by Maeve Brennan and How Many Miles to Babylon by Jennifer Jonhston.

[...] Regarding education she only went one year at the convent and she hardly had any friends. The real tragedy in Babylon is about parents who do not get along at all and the effects on the life of the child. Besides, the relationship linking him with his parents is even harder because they are from a high rank in society and the child has to respect certain norms like not hang out with people from inferior rank like Jerry. Moreover the environment makes it also uneasy to live in. [...]

[...] On the other hand, the narrator understands his mother is getting more and more upset about him and his relationship with his father. In fact she is thin shell covering some black burning rage?. They are mutually not able to understand each other. We can really wonder whether she really loves her son or not. She is very selfish, using him against his father and manipulating him. The influence / outcome Depending on the intensity of the relationship linking the different characters, there are different outcomes. [...]

[...] Alexander thinks adults become selfish and false towards themselves: ?their voices when they spoke, polite and yet uncompromisingly vicious, would slide along the polished mahogany.? In his personality, he recognises not knowing any ?spontaneity and warmth? and he is used to be alone. For example when he imagines the future with Jerry and evokes the fact he does not want to marry anyone and wishes to live alone. In the end, he probably does not want to grow because he is scared of becoming like the adults: ?they all wanted me to become a entailing the exploration of inside? darkness. [...]

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