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Review of Mearsheimer-Walt, "The Israel Lobby"

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  1. Introduction.
  2. America's strong support for Israel.
  3. The U.S.-Israeli relationship since 1967.
  4. The different instances where the strength of the Lobby can be demonstrated.
  5. Specialists in international relations.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

The last few decades has witnessed what is perceived to be unconditional support for the state of Israel. This support, which began after the 1967 War, is not wavering and according to two international scholars, sometimes contradicts the best interests of the United States of America. At the center of the controversy over the Israeli lobby are two prominent intellectuals, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. In their article regarding this very topic, Mearsheimer and Walt analyze the issue as to why the United States stubbornly continues to maintain an overwhelming pro-Israeli stance in its foreign policy, even at the expense of American national interests. Walt and Mearsheimer dictate that the Israel Lobby is an important variable in explaining the positions of the United States of America, particularly inside the Middle East.

[...] It is because of the successful work of the Israel lobby that the political elite and even 66% of the American public are pro-Israelis. One example can be that the actual paper could not find an editor within the American boundaries. The Atlantic magazine, who commissioned it in 2002, rejected the article because of poor writing. A fallacious argument according to the authors, they argued that the editors got cold feet after reading it. After looking for another US publisher, they gave up, concluding that the piece could not be published as an article or book in mainstream outlet" in the United States. [...]

[...] They say that we continue to support Israel and its policies in the Occupied Territories, invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein, and continue to exert a great deal of pressure on Iran especially because of the influence of the Lobby. They also argue that the Lobby has been very successful in controlling the discourse surrounding Israel and its actions. The strength of the Lobby is one area in which critics have attacked Mearsheimer and Walt. One has to wonder, is the Lobby really as powerful as they claim it is? [...]

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