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Secrets uncovered: A textual analysis of the use of rhetorical strategies in Teen E-Zines

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  1. Introduction.
    1. Studies conducted about the use of rhetorical strategies in magazines geared towards teenage girls.
  2. Literature review.
    1. Mary M. Talbot's book Language and Gender.
  3. Methodology.
    1. Steps taken in order to effectively collect and analyze data in the study.
    2. The data,.
  4. Findings.
    1. Discussion of findings.
  5. Conclusion.

Using specific rhetorical strategies to persuade and inform is a writing technique that has been used for many decades. The art of rhetoric is often taught in higher education, particularly in persuasive writing classes. However, these strategies are not always used to accomplish what many would consider positive goals. Many rhetorical writing techniques are used to market and sell products. These strategies can ?hook? consumers and reel them into buying a product. These strategies are deliberate, but often subtle. Sometimes, it takes in-depth analysis of a text or piece of data to uncover these strategies. It is important to be aware of what is being fed to readers and consumers in every medium. In particular, many studies have been conducted about the use of rhetorical strategies in magazines geared towards teenage girls. However, as recent as the 1980 do, internet magazines, often called e-zines, have drawn an audience of teenage girls that would previously have gotten their advice and entertainment from paper magazines?

[...] Discussion of Findings Although the purpose of this research project was to ?uncover? any rhetorical strategies used on the homepages of e-zines geared towards teenage girls, and not to make inferences about those uncovered, the data from this research can suggest several things. First, because rhetorical strategies can be found on the homepages of four representative e-zines, it is clear that that aspect of the paper magazine has been translated to magazines online. These categories, ?audience input/participation, use of direct address words, personal questions about relationships, body, fashion, and celebrities, embarrassing stories/anecdotes/confessions, and the use of inclusive words are all utilized in some way by all of the e-zines, with the exception of, and not using embarrassing stories. [...]

[...] Specifically, five areas that I found appearing several times included: Audience Input/Participation Direct Address Personal Questions Concerning Body, Fashion, Relationships, and Celebrities Embarrassing Stories/Anecdotes Inclusive Words After counting how often a piece of text was found that fit each category, the findings were put into a graph, with the e-zines at the top and strategies on the left (See Appendix 5). For each e-zine and category, I wrote the occurrences (all of, or the first part of the phrase or sentence). [...]

[...] ""Content Analysis of Contemporary Teen Magazines for Adolescent Females"" Youth and Society 23 (1991): 99-120. Finders, Margaret J. ""Queens and Teen Zines: Early Adolescent Females Reading Their Way Toward Adulthood"" Anthropology and Education Quarterly 27 (1996): 71-89. Labre, Magdala P., and Kim Walsh-Childers. ""Friendly Advice? Beauty Messages in Web Sites of Teen Magazines"" Mass Communications and Society 6 (2003): 379-396. Leman, Joy. ""The Advice of a Real Friend: Codes of Intimacy and Oppression in Women's Magazines"" Women's Studies International Quarterly 3 (1980): 63- 78. [...]

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