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How we should think of homelessness

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Our nation is plagued with an array of issues. Some problems are foreign, but many are domestic issues. With domestic issues come the possibility for domestic solutions. In other words, you and I can help solve these problems. Homelessness illustrates the potential we have of solving domestic issues. The topic is one that has provided fatigue for many. However, it is still solvable. By properly identifying the homeless issue in our country we can find a proper solution within our communities.

[...] Following the previously mentioned thought of identification makes this easier. As mentioned earlier homelessness involves mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters. This illustrates Gurley's identification that individuals are relationship away from homelessness.? (Gurley) With this in mind, homelessness should provoke the thought that everyone around you deserves adequate attention and love. If the homeless were shown more attention and love their situation may have been preventable. With the consequential lawlessness arising from the homeless epidemic, there should be a minimal feeling of compassion. [...]

[...] Small efforts such as this could lead to a permanent solution to the issue of homelessness. Once the community gets involved the possibilities for solutions multiply. The community has the power to positively influence legislation regarding the issue of homelessness. This is one of the primary areas that is failing the homeless. Improving the public housing, HUD Assistance Grants, and HealthCare for the homeless could be monumental. Additionally, the community could assist in raising awareness about these programs. Finally, inspiring college involvement could greatly assist in solving the issue. [...]

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