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The fight against the Mafias. "Case study of Yakuza and their place in Japan"

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  1. Introduction
  2. Dior and its communication strategy
    1. Home Perfume Christian Dior
    2. Dior, the seamless communication
  3. J'adore - Dior - the absolute woman
    1. The world of perfume
    2. The name of the perfume
    3. Love
    4. The bottle
    5. Competitors at the time
    6. Campaigns
  4. Analysis of the advertising campaign of 2006
    1. The story of the woman I love in 2006
    2. The marketing brief

Earlier this year, figures and studies of delinquency in Japan conducted by the authorities of the Ministry of Interior affairs were made public. The study confirms a trend observed since many years in various similar reports in the past, namely the increased activity of petty crime such as shoplifting, assault etc. On the other hand, there was a decline in large-scale violence and greater intensity of murders, use of firearms, violence, torture, trafficking in human organs, and prostitution.

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