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The impact of multiculturalism on the Australian society

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  1. From White Australia to Multiculturalism
    1. Keep Australia White
    2. Effective end of White Australia and beginnings of multiculturalism
    3. Fraser's contribution
    4. Hawke and Keating, a real achievement
  2. What Multiculturalism brings to the Australian society?
    1. Immigration and integration
    2. Citizenship
    3. The current Australian immigration policy
    4. Australian multiculturalism: A symbol for the world
  3. Towards the end of Multiculturalism
    1. A threat on national identity
    2. Still excluded
    3. The emergence of ?One Nation?
  4. Conclusion: Is the Australian multiculturalism a reality or just a utopia?
  5. Sources

The Austral continent is divided into six States and two Territories.
Sydney, the capital of New South Wales is the oldest place where Europeans settled and the biggest Australian city. The bridge of Sydney, ?Harbour Bridge? and its Opera are the symbols of the city.
In 1911, Canberra was chosen as the administrative capital of Australia, it is also a State called the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
Victoria is the smallest State of the continent but it has the densest population, Melbourne, the capital is considered as the ?most English? of the Australian cities.
South Australia is famous for its wonderful landscapes, its wine and its opals, the capital is Adelaide.
Two millions people live in Western Australia, 70% of them in the capital: Perth.
There are only 200,000 inhabitants in Northern Territory, the capital is Darwin.
Although the majority of the population is from European origins, Australia is well-known as a multicultural nation. At the commencement, Australia was rather in favour of a controlled and filtered immigration, but just after World War II, the country had to open its borders to boost the economic development.
That's how millions of immigrants coming from a hundred of different countries settled in Australia.
Today, this ?melting-pot? is the first characteristic of the Australian culture and society.
Australia has many assets, the ?Terra Incognita? is considered as dynamic and attractive for the rest of the world.

[...] This unit managed to identify the attackers, they were all linked to each others and, as they felt to be victims of racism in Australia, they decided to take revenge on this society and raped Australian young girls (the youngest was just 13). At the end of 2000, Strike Force Sayda identified 20 cases of sexual aggressions. All these crimes were motivated by a feeling of racial hatred and were committed by men native of the near East. They all shared the same culture and religion. [...]

[...] Australia is a multicultural society which is proud of the richness of its population. Citizenship is a way of gathering the people of Australia. Every citizen shares the same aim of making Australia a united nation. Australia promises to its citizens they will have: - The right to equity and freedom from barriers based on race, ethnicity, culture, gender and other differences. - The right to participate fully in the community, and to achieve your full potential, regardless of your background. [...]

[...] Australia has many assets, the ?Terra Incognita? is considered as dynamic and attractive for the rest of the world FROM WHITE AUSTRALIA TO MULTICULTURALISM History of Australia The history of human habitation within the Australian continent begins with the first arrival of peoples ancestral to the present indigenous inhabitants at an indeterminate period. The archaeologists evoke two different dates: years BC and years BC. The ancestral Australian Aboriginal peoples were well established; they develop, diversify and settle through much of the continent. [...]

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