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The introduction of Cannabis

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Some world historical notes.
  3. The history of usage.
  4. Textiles & fabrics.
  5. Fiber & pulp paper.
  6. Biomass energy.
  7. Economic stability, profit & free trade.
  8. The medias' portrayal.
  9. Marijuana debate.
  10. Analysis.
  11. The Stats.
  12. My response.

Cannabis Sativa, also known as: Hemp, cannabis hemp, muggles, weed, pot, marijuana, reefer, grass, ganja, bhang, "the kind," dagga, herb, or dank. All of theses refer to the same plant. They refer to a plant so controversial that that it could save your life and jail you at the same time. The plant is generally disliked by conservatives and admired by liberals. The reasons for both likes and dislikes are also controversial. Some may have heard that it kills people; some may have heard that it keeps them alive. Whether you have heard either, you've probably not heard nor read the information that I'm about to expose to you.

[...] archaeology, anthropology, philology, economy, history) pertaining to hemp is in general agreement that, at the very least: From more than 1,000 years before the time of Christ until 1883 A.D, Cannabis hemp, Marijuana was our planet's largest agricultural crop and most important industry, involving thousands of products and enterprises, producing the overall majority of Earth's fiber, fabric, lighting oil, paper, incense and medicines. Also, it was a primary source of essential food oil and protein for humans and animals. According to virtually every anthropologist and university in the world, marijuana was also used in most of our religions and cults as one of the seven or so most widely used mood, mind, or pain-altering drugs when taken as psychotropic, psychedelic sacraments. [...]

[...] The post was concerned that it was time to reconsider the prohibition of marijuana. They insisted that there are many potential benefits such as medicinal use. Also they point out that a citizens right to privacy is clearly violated being that it cannot be used even within our own household. The author made some very good points. For example he wrote: can we justify the advertising and promotion of alcohol and tobacco while making marijuana illegal? This is nothing short of the worst form of hypocrisy. [...]

[...] Also, ordering the arrest and harassment of California Marijuana Initiative workers for doing their civic and Constitutional duty to collect petition signatures. The fact that good information is known yet not revealed sickens me. Even the fact that such great lengths were met in order to keep this miracle plant from being legal is just frightening. Experts today conservatively estimate that, once fully restored in America, hemp industries will generate $500 billion to a trillion dollars per year, and will save the planet and civilization from fossil fuels and their derivatives and from deforestation! [...]

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