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The problems that can arise in the context of creating an employee training and development program for a metropolitan police department

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Training Needs.
  3. Primary General Training Objectives.
  4. Culture in the Organization.
  5. Barriers to Training and How to Overcome Them.
  6. Measuring the Effectiveness of Training Programs.
  7. Change Management.
  8. Conclusion.

Training and development in the organization is an issue of critical concern for both managers and leaders. Sarvadi (2005) argues that training is essential for an organization because, ?Your employees are the ones that produce, refine, protect, deliver and manage your products or services every day, year in, year out? (The importance?). In spite of this reality however, Sarvadi reports that many organizations fail to implement strong employee training and development programs. This is because in most cases, organizations view employee training and development programs as an added expense for the organization.With the realization that employee training and development programs are so important for the viability of the organization, there is a clear impetus to consider how these programs should be designed and implemented.

[...] What this effectively suggests is that if the current organization is to develop a successful employee training and development program, assessment of training needs must be one of the first steps undertaken. Concurrent with training assessment must be a consideration of the specific methods that can be used to accomplish this goal. Brown goes on to argue that there are typically three levels of assessment that can be used to accurately understand the training needs of the employee and the organization. [...]

[...] Smith (2000) in his analysis of basic law enforcement duties and concerns notes that while most laymen perceive the thrill of danger as essential to a successful and rewarding police career, care and concern for others is the most important aspect of all law enforcement careers. essential for anyone interested in becoming a police officer to have a desire to help people? (p. 12). For this reason, basic law enforcement training should, at its core, stress the need for professionals to help others. [...]

[...] McNamara (1998) in his review of the specific methods that can be used for evaluating training programs argues that goals-based assessment provides an integral understanding of how the content of the training program matches outcomes for participants. In particular, McNamara asserts that organizations need to set training goals before the training program is put in place. After the program has been completed, managers can assess whether or not the goals of the program have been met. McNamara notes that there are a number of methods that can be used to assess goal attainment. [...]

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