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“The root of all chaos stems from the family”. Discuss the dynamics of family conflict in two works you have studied

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Oedipus the King and the vision.
  3. Hints by he old blind prophet, Tiresias.
  4. Psychological demise in Miller's Death of a Salesman.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

Aristotle based his famous works on tragedy on the analysis of what he considered to be the ?perfect?, paradigm of tragedy- Sophocle's carefully Crafted Oedipus the King. The myth of Oedipus has been studied, analysed, spread worldwide and widely used by writers, even philosophers such as Freud, to illustrate the concept of incest, a reality at the very heart of Sophocles' tragedy. The conflictual nature of the revelation of this incest inexorably suggests that the dynamics of family conflicts are extensively present in Oedipus the King. Yet is this example sufficient to affirm that ?the root of all chaos stems from the family?? Arthur Miller's tragedy, Death of A Salesman, although written centuries after Sophocles' tragedy, focuses on the progressive demise of Willy Loman, a demise both psychological and physical, a tragic evolution brought about clearly by the dynamics of conflictual family relationships.

[...] At the verge of Oedipus' full enticement of the truth, Jocasta runs from the stage and symbolically from a truth which is too painful for her to confront, screaming ?Aieeeeee- Oedipus, man of Agony that is the only name I have for you.? Oedipus our already flawed King through his excessive hubris is inexorably attributed the terrible hamartia the myth endows him with in the anagnorisis, his point of recognition, which Sophocles skilfully combines to his reversal of fortune or peripeteia. [...]

[...] Where more than here can we affirm that root of all chaos stems from the family?? Self mutilated, condemned to a life of misery, self contempt and banishment which was for the Athenians tantamount to death, Oedipus tragically declares am Oedipus?, now a man moved from excessive hubris to humility and meekness. Not so quite tragically as in Sophocles' tragedy, the dynamics of family conflict nevertheless profoundly determine Willy Loman's drive to his psychological demise in Miller's Death of A salesman. [...]

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