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  1. Consumerist eating continues to increase as advertising for food does the same.
  2. As fast food becomes more available it also becomes more advertised.
  3. A major problem with fast food is that it often replaces other types of food in the diet.
  4. Obesity is one of the many serious effects poor eating can have on the body. And it is becoming a popular occurrence.
  5. Aside from obesity, there are several other health conditions that can result from eating such excessive amounts of junk food.
  6. Many people suffer from symptoms such as these without even realizing that if they are in control of whether or not they want to feel this way.
  7. When the body is filled with toxins the organs do not always function properly.
  8. In November of 2001, Pat W started a guided cleansing program that does include pills and step-by-step instructions.

?Americans yearly consume and average of 8 to 15 pounds of chemicals that contribute nothing to the growth or maintenance of body cells? (Bowles 2). Useless and even harmful calories are constantly being consumed in our affluent society. The United States of America has more of a problem with obesity than any other country and we are trying to get the others to catch on. The majority of the food that most Americans have available to them is full of preservatives, fatty acids, and is over-processed. These things make it almost impossible for Americans to stay healthy. The way we eat is a reflection of habit; if people were not raised to eat such fatty foods than the inherent disorders such as obesity and depression would not be such an issue. For many people food is also their comfort or their biggest struggle. Eating such ways causes more damage than just body weight. Many things can result internally to digestive organs, mental clarity, and emotional stability.

[...] It would be impossible to eliminate all available junk food, but at least people can do something good in their own lives. Poor nutrition is far to common in America and it accounts for a large portion of the nation's obesity, depression, and health problems; although society may be bad, there is still hope for individuals. In America there are more opportunities for people to eat potentially dangerous foods than nutritious foods. It is much easier for Americans to go to a fast food restaurant and get a burger then it is for them to spend the time reading labels and selecting smart meals. [...]

[...] Schlosser writes, ?More than half of all American adults and about one-quarter of all American children are now obese or overweight. These proportions have soared over the last few decades along with the consumption of fast food? (240). This problem is thought to be worse in America than any other nation due to the excessive amount of fast food chains. This theory is supported by the effect fast food has had on the other nations that have adopted these American food chains. [...]

[...] When the body is filled with toxins the organs do not always function properly. One common side effect is food build-up in the large intestine. This can ultimately lead to colon cancer, which is the most common type of nutrition related cancers. According to a review completed Jens Berlau and colleagues called ?Colon Cancer Risk Factors From Nutrition,? food safety is of utmost importance. The text reads, main reason for nutrition- dependent diseases in our affluent society is over nutrition and malnutrition characterized by high energy uptake and an unbalanced diet? The most common of these diseases are diabetes, obesity, and the development of tumors in different epithelial tissues There have been direct links between the harmful chemicals released during food consumption and the heightened risk of developing colon cancer. [...]

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