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Visions of America

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Americanization.
    1. Tom O'Dell's view.
    2. Measurement of such an influence.
    3. Globalisation and Americanization.
  3. Elements of America.
    1. The McDonalds.
    2. McDonalds is a great trans-national firm.
  4. The TV shows.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

As most of the exchange students who came here in Lund for one or two semesters, and who decided to attend the class on Swedish society and everyday life, I've been struck in several occasions by the Swedes, some of their behaviours or some elements of their everyday life I could barely recognize at home.
I think this is the normal process of discovery of a new culture -at least partially new culture, as we cannot really say that the Swedish culture is as far from the French culture as for example the culture of some African or Asian countries and peoples. But the fact remains that I've been able to discover a very proud people, somehow attached to its land, to its traditions, and I have to admit it, very respectful when it comes to obey the law. We've also seen in our various lectures how the Swedish society broadly evolved during the last century; transforming it from what historians and ethnologists are used to calling the old peasant society to a very modern nation, build on the European model of the nation's states. This transformation has gone through the population and also has had consequences it.

[...] To find the ideas of this essay, I inspired myself of O'Dell's work, Culture Unbound and tried to place myself in the continuation to find out how the thoughts of the Swedish students on the role of America in Sweden and the so called Americanization of their country could be felt nowadays. To accomplish my work I've made observations and conducted interviews. The interviews have been carried by myself on half a dozen of Swedish students all studying at the University of Lund. [...]

[...] The TV shows The second most popular idea among the informants when it comes to the influence of America in Sweden is the omnipresence of American TV shows. Linnea for example has said: also think about all the American shows on TV. I guess that the biggest part of what Swedish people watch when they watch television is American. A lot of music that we listen to here in Sweden is American as well.? The explanation for such a strong statement is in my opinion a direct consequence of this point itself; they feel like a kind of saturation towards those TV shows. [...]

[...] Conclusion As we've seen, the Swedes tend to feel the influence of America in their everyday life, as rather poignant, even if this Americanization is generally adapted to Sweden, and consequently no that American; the structural differences between the two societies are big enough to win over the similarities between them. Therefore, most of the American elements in Sweden are seen very often by those students in a negative way, although their position as students put them in an ambiguous situation to consumption. [...]

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