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The world hunger

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  1. War and conflict
  2. Climate change
  3. Food price inflation
  4. Agricultural practices
  5. Population growth
  6. Poverty

Everyone human being experiences with some form of struggle. It is an inevitable part of life. However, some struggles are a bit more serious in nature than others. Hunger provides an example of this. Hunger is a world issue that has yet to be resolved. The issue has been evident for several years. However, there are various views regarding the problem. Through research, the global view of hunger may be revealed.
In order to fully understand the global view of world hunger a definition for the term, hunger, must be outlined. One source outlines the term as a feeling of weakness or discomfort caused by lack of food and coupled with the desire to eat. (Jarosz) The definition of the term may be expanded beyond a feeling. Because of the fatal nation of the sensation, an additional definition may be rendered. The second definition identifies hunger as a suffering due to lack of food. (Jarosz)

[...] Population growth is an additional cause for hunger. This is one of the few reasons that one would easily guess could cause hunger. Population growth causes a shift in supply and demand. Once it takes place the demand for food increases. Smaller countries and developing countries are more likely to experience this. (George) Additional factors such as rising food prices cause difficulty mirroring food production rates and population growth rates. (George) Figure 2.0 Finally, poverty is a major cause for hunger. [...]

[...] Some feel that certain effects are easier to handle than others. Nevertheless, each proposed solution would assist in eliminating the threat world hunger provides. Works Cited George, Susan. How the other half dies: the real reasons for world hunger. Rowman & Littlefield Jarosz, Lucy. "Defining world hunger: Scale and neoliberal ideology in international food security policy discourse." Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of MultidisciplinaryResearch 14.1 (2011): 117-139. Kent, George. Ending hunger worldwide. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers Paul, James. New Era of World Hunger? [...]

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