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Youth substance abuse: A comprehensive overview and proposal for National Education Campaign

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Social factors that lead to substance abuse.
  3. Meaning and experience of illness.
  4. Health care systems and settings.
  5. Health care providers.
  6. Bioethical Issues.
  7. Health care literacy.
  8. Conclusions.

The following document represents a comprehensive overview of one of the main societal problems in America today: youth substance abuse. Drug and substance abuse among teenagers is substantial. Among youth age 12 to 17, about 1.1 million meet the diagnostic criteria for dependence on drugs, and about 1 million are treated for alcohol dependency. Because of this epidemic we need to institute a more effective national school campaign along with a national health care campaign that will promote education, prevention, early detection, and rehabilitation. Youth substance abuse is a major epidemic currently plaguing the youth and needs to be immediately addressed to protect the future generations of our country. Without an immediate proposal to help eliminate substantial increases in substance abuse, we are setting ourselves up for a sharp decline in a solid civic foundation and substantial increases in health care costs.

[...] Subsidies for low income families, and government grants for a national school campaign for the prevention and early detection of substance abuse are some of the areas that national health care has attempted to bring about awareness in the area. The current state of health care in regard to substance abuse is a huge issue within healthcare today. In 2004, adults with a mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis accounted for 1 out of 4 stays at U.S. community hospitals? 7.6 million hospital stays. [...]

[...] Attitudes toward alcohol use and abuse in a rural school. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southwest Educational Research Association, Houston, TX (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 341 001). Lindenberg CS, Gendrop SC, Reiskin HK . Women and Children Division, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Mosby's Medical, Nursing, & Allied Health Dictionary. Edition 5. (1998)ç National Institute on Drug Abuse Newcomb, M.D., & Bentler, P.M. (1989). Substance use and abuse among children and teenagers. [...]

[...] The government began studying substance use among youth in the mid-70s, and have documented a fluctuation in substance abuse since that time. Interestingly, over the past 5-10 years, the level of substance use has remained relatively stable, yet research suggests that the types of drugs being used among youth are changing. While many young people are using alcohol, tobacco, and other illicit drugs, recent data show an actual decline in substance abuse for the first time in nearly a decade. [...]

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