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A descriptive study on the job satisfaction of correctional officers

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Review of related literature.
  3. Statement of the problem.
  4. Hypothesis.
  5. Study variables.
  6. Objectives.
  7. Methodology.
    1. Research design.
    2. Study population.
    3. Sampling scheme.
    4. Units of analysis.
    5. Instrumentation.
    6. Data collection plans.
    7. Data management plans.
    8. Data analysis plans.
  8. Ethical considerations.

It must be conventional knowledge to assume that staying in an environment where individuals charged of different crimes, from the simplest to the most heinous, is somehow risky and hazardous. While this might be true for all inmates staying in the same cell, this may also pose dangers to the people who are staying outside the cell but still within the institution, particularly the correctional officers. The latter, also called detention officers, are the ones who work in jail, taking charge of watching over convicted individuals by imposing rules and regulations to ensure that safety and security will be maintained inside the prison cell (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). Amidst the danger of the job and the huge responsibility, it is just worthwhile to know whether these workers are satisfied with their present job in order to improve their conditions and to avoid adverse consequences of dissatisfaction.

[...] In the case of this research, even if sampling will be done purposively, validity can still be maintained by eliminating from the study those correctional officers who would participate in the pre- testing that will be done to check the ethics of the research. Aside from this, extraneous variable can be eliminated by maintaining the constancy of environmental conditions during administration of test questionnaires. Moreover, an extensive review of literature will also be conducted in order to ensure that the study is grounded on scientific evidences. [...]

[...] However, this does not entail that the forms are just for formality. The subjects will be given opportunity to carefully consider the risks and benefits and to ask any pertinent questions? (Callahan & Hobbs, 1998). REFERENCES Argyle, M. (1989). Do happy workers work harder? The effect of job satisfaction on work performance. Retrieved April from [ veenhoven/Pub1980s/89a-C9-full.pdf] Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. (2008). Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition. Retrieved on April from [] Callahan T. & Hobbs, R. (1998). Research ethics. [...]

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