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A look at how to plan a banquet menu

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  1. Introduction
  2. Food
  3. Beverage
  4. The menu
  5. Classes of menu
    1. A la carte
    2. Table d' hote
    3. Brasserie and popular catering menus
    4. Banquet menu schedules
    5. Fixed menu
    6. Cycle menus
  6. Types of menu in banquet
    1. Breakfast
    2. Lunch
    3. Dinner
    4. Specialty
    5. Children menu
    6. Senior citizens
    7. Alcoholic beverage
    8. Dessert
    9. Classical banquet menu
    10. Ethnic menu
  7. Banquet menu planning
  8. Knowing your guests
  9. Knowing your operations
    1. Theme or cuisine
    2. Equipment
    3. Personnel
    4. Quality standards
    5. Budget
  10. Selecting menu items
    1. Old menus
    2. Books
    3. Trade magazines
    4. Cook books for the home market
    5. Websites
    6. Entrees
    7. Appetizers and soup
  11. Starch items and vegetables
  12. Salads
  13. Desserts
  14. Beverages
  15. Menu balance
    1. Business balance
    2. Aesthetic balance
    3. Nutritional balance
  16. Menu design
  17. Copy
  18. Headings
  19. Descriptive copy
  20. Truth in menu laws
    1. Grading
    2. Freshness claims
    3. Geographical origin
    4. Preparation
  21. Supplemental merchandising copy
    1. Layout
    2. Sequence
    3. Format
    4. Typeface
    5. Artwork
    6. Cover
  22. Influences on the menu
    1. Health and eating
    2. Special diets
    3. Cultural and religious dietary
    4. Vegetarianism
    5. Common menu design mistakes
  23. Evaluating menus
  24. Menu management software
    1. Pre costing and post costing software
    2. Menu engineering software
  25. Conclusion
  26. Bibilography

British law defines hotels or inns as ?places where a bonafide traveler can receive food and shelter, provided him in a position to pay for it and is in a fit condition to be received. ? Hence, a hotel must provide food and beverage and lodging to travelers on payment and has in turn, the right to refuse these services if the traveler is drunk, disorderly, unkempt, or is not in a position to pay for the service.

The practice of eating away from home is increasing and there is wide diversity in the nature and type of food and beverage on offer. Because of the expansion of the industry and increasing pressure for improved professionalism in food and beverage service staff, there is even greater need for more people to make their careers in this noble profession alongside the need for improved confidence and performance through higher standards of knowledge and skills.

Food and beverage service is an important link between the food and beverages services on offer in an establishment and the customers. The server is the main point of contact between the customers and the establishment. It is an important role in a profession which is increasing in national and international status. The skills and knowledge of food and beverage service, and therefore careers, are transferable between establishments and sectors, and throughout the world.

The hotel industry is perhaps one of the oldest commercial endeavors in the world. The first inns go back to the sixth century B.C. and were the product of the urge to travel, spurred by invention of the ?wheel'. The earliest inns were ventures by husband-and- wife teams who provided large halls for travelers to make their own beds and sleep on the floor.

[...] There are many ways to draw attention to a menu item: putting it at the top or near the top of a list, drawing a box around it, placing it in the center of a page, positioning eye-catching artwork next to it, or otherwise setting it apart. Format. Once a rough sketch of the menu is completed, planners can get an idea of what format will be most appropriate. ?Formats? refers to a menu's size, shape, and general makeup. There are many menu formats to choose from decision makers at each operation must decide what's right for them. [...]

[...] In this project, we will take a look at banquet menu pricing styles, banquet menu schedules, and the different types of banquet menu. Menu planning and menu design principles will also be discussed. The study will conclude with a section on evaluating menus. Most of the information and ideas discussed in this study can apply to non-commercial food service operations as well as commercial operations. Menus come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting the extreme diversity of food service operations. [...]

[...] If an operation offers alcoholic beverages, a decision has to be made about how many types and brands of alcoholic beverages will be available. Should a few standard beers be offered, or should the operation carry a wide variety, including local, International, and micro-brewery beers? How many different wines should be offered? Should dessert wines and cordials be included on the wine list? For chain banquets and franchise operation, such decisions are usually made at corporate headquarters. Managers in independent operation must make their own decision based on guest preferences, the banquets image, beverage inventory costs, space, and other factors. [...]

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