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A multinational study of gender wine preferences

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature review
    1. Gender differences
    2. Information search and risk reduction
    3. International differences
  4. Methodology
    1. Data collection
    2. Data analysis and results
  5. Discussion
  6. Managerial implications
  7. Limitation
  8. Conclusion
  9. Future research
  10. References

Wine has become an international business, and the difference in wine preferences based on consumer's gender and how these differences vary from country to country are important issues that should be considered in wine product development. We examined consumer's preference for the type of wine and wine packaging, consumer's information search behavior, and consumer's coping mechanism among wine consumers in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. A t-test was conducted to distinguish the gender difference among wine consumers in those countries, and the results showed that the pattern of gender preferences was fairly consistent from country to country?which indicated that gender was a salient basis for segmenting the wine market. The results also implied that in order to better serve customers; retailers should pay close attention to wine packaging and provide enough product information, knowledgeable staff, and point-of-sale advertising since these could help consumers adopt a new wine product.

[...] S.; Global Strategy: In a World of Nations?, Sloan Management Review, Vol pp 70- Zeithaml, V.A.; Consumer Perceptions of Price, Quality and Value: A Means-End Model and Synthesis of Evidence, Journal of Marketing, Vol pp Appendix Table 1 Key Demographics AUS SAMPLE SIZE GENDER Male Female INCOME* (local currency) < $9999 10K-24,999 25K-49,999 50K-99,999 100K or more REGULAR CONSUMPTION NZ US Table Wine Survey Questions (US version) 1. All else being equal, I prefer to buy wines in the following category: a. [...]

[...] Based on the preceding discussion of wine buying behavior, we developed a set of research questions to ascertain the consistency of gender differences in the wine purchasing situation. Do women's preferences differ from those of men in a similar fashion in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand? Based on the work of Goldsmith et al (1997), we hypothesize that gender preferences will NOT remain consistent across nationalities. Specifically, the difference between the means of male wine consumers and female wine consumers will not remain consistent across nationalities in the following categories: Type of wine Packaging Information search behaviors Coping mechanisms in the absence of information Price 3. [...]

[...] By 2004, domestic market sales of screw capped wines outnumbered wines with cork closures in New Zealand (Courtney, 2001) Limitation It is a The study sample represents wine drinkers so results can not be generalized to the population as a whole. reasonable sample to understand the preferences of fairly frequent wine consumers Conclusion In order to achieve success internationally with a new product innovation there is a need for a strong market orientation. A policy of innovating without paying attention to the needs of consumers is most likely to result in fewer successful new products (Calentone et al., 1994). [...]

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