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Where is My Voice? : An exploration of questions that minority women ask about their identity

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The working definition of minority.
  3. The common framework for American scholars.
    1. Common voice in women's studies.
    2. What types of questions are minority women asking about their identity?
    3. Lack of personal accounts.
  4. The introduction of An Ambivalent Alliance.
  5. The complexity of issues for compounded identities.
  6. Hall & Maramba's study 'In Search of Cultural Diversity'.
  7. Conclusion.

Universal questioning of the roles of sex and gender began centuries ago. Every culture has their expectations and customs. Even in the present-day united states, where freethinking is a familiar attitude, women find themselves in traditional or likely roles.

Within the field of women's studies, past and present, a popular topic has been the portrayals and roles of women in mass media . Amongst many discussions is the question of the reliability and accuracy. True observers and researchers are cautious about accepting this information and are quick to question it. Foremost, who gathered this information? What was the process of translating it into mass media? Are these portrayals true of all women? How does this information affect the viewer? How should these portrayals affect the viewer?

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