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Communication Theory within Interpersonal Communication

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  1. Introduction
  2. About the functional group perspective (History)
  3. Four essential group functions
  4. Types of communication
  5. A flaw?
  6. Introduction to the Social Penetration Theory
  7. Theoretical propositions
  8. The 'Buried Self'
  9. Stages of relational development
  10. Good or bad theory?
  11. Works cited

Hikrokawa and Gouran were two experts on group communication. They figured out the most effective ways that groups communicate and the most practical solutions to everyday group communication, whether in a business environment or a personal relationship. At its core, Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making shows off the ?wisdom of joint interaction? (Griffin, 250). Working together as a whole can make any group stronger.

[...] Others, who are closer, may know a bit about us, but a rare few may, just may, get to know our inner selves or our buried self. Original premises The original premises of the Social Penetration Theory are the different layers of the onion and how they apply to our relationships with others. The outer layer is our biographical data. The second layer is our preferences in life. The third layer is our goals and aspirations. The fourth layer is our religious convictions (which should be the first as a Christian, but that's for another day!). [...]

[...] Moving on from the way a group penetrates their own communication practices, we will take a look why relationships grown and die in the personal and business cycle and why it exists and whether the Social Penetration Theory is a good theory or a bad one. Introduction to the Social Penetration Theory Why do some relationships grown while others wilt away and die? What makes a relationship with your girlfriend take off while your relationships with your ex-girlfriends fade away? [...]

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