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Let’s Talk About Girls: The Negative Impact of Feminism on Modern Society

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  1. Introduction
  2. Feminism as a successful philosophy
    1. First wave feminism and the right to vote
    2. Second wave feminism for equality in the work force
    3. Second wave feminism for equality in education
    4. Third wave feminism for women's choice
  3. Feminism as an unsuccessful philosophy
    1. Backfire of feminism's successes
    2. Reasons behind the backfire of feminism's success
  4. Feminism as an untruthful philosophy
  5. Feminism as an anti-family philosophy
  6. Feminism as an anti-gay philosophy
    1. Lesbians a threat to feminist movement
    2. Feminists a threat to lesbian movement
    3. Lesbianism assumed to be a feminist tool
  7. Feminism as an exploited philosophy
    1. Feminism in music
    2. Feminism in television and theater
    3. Feminism in pornography
  8. Conclusion

On June 28, 1998, Ally McBeal graced the cover of Time magazine; not in the name of television or Hollywood or fashion, but in the name of feminism. According to The American Century Dictionary, feminism is the advocacy of women's rights and sexual equality. So how does an upper-class woman who complains about her weight and puts dating before all else qualify as a feminist? Simple: in the misdirected world of the modern women's movement, Ally McBeal is as much an icon of feminism as the women who shared the cover with her, women like Susan B. Anthony and Betty Friedan, two of the most celebrated founding mothers of feminism. The prior successes of the movement have been overshadowed by these new, ludicrous ideals and haphazard ventures into the mainstream media. Feminism, which at is core strives for a higher quality of life, is one of the main opponents of progress in the United States. As necessary as the feminism was in the past, its continuing presence is completely counterproductive in today's society.

[...] As more and more negative connotations are attached to the modern women's movement, attitude that lesbianism is an extension of feminism makes it impossible for the gay community to earn any respect. And although many young lesbians do consider themselves to be feminists, they do not believe in a lot of the radical steps the women's movement has taken (Survey, Lesbian). Since the late 1970's, lesbians have been in limbo as to whether they are a help or a hindrance to the movement, or whether feminism even considers them to be women in need of equal rights. [...]

[...] Not when ?feminists have shamefully turned their backs on battered lesbians, and have stifled the attempts of activists to address lesbian domestic violence? (Sacks, just to hide the negative reality that women can also physically abuse partners. The women's movement should support unconditionally instead of in its best interest; otherwise it is helping no one. For the most part, feminism does appeal to lesbians, but the gay community is not the only target of the modern women's movement. With aging leaders, some of whom have been actively campaigning since 1970, feminists are now turning to the new generation for replacements. [...]

[...] The cartoon portrayed a caterpillar on a french fry; as ridiculous as it sounds, it illustrates perfectly how broad the spectrum of sexual harassment has become. Sexual harassment is just the beginning; rape is one of the biggest targets of the modern women's movement. ?Rape has become a centerpiece for feminism not just as a physical act, but as a metaphor for evil on a monstrous scale? (Tredoux), and for the feminists who believe all men are rapists, and that all rapists are men, it does create a good case. [...]

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