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Mixed Messages

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  1. Introduction
  2. Guidelines to help ensure the further existence of intercultural couples
    1. Achieve harmony with your partner
    2. Reflecting a balance in your attitude between militancy and passivity
    3. The forces of your own culture
    4. Do not let mainstream society stifle your development
  3. Conclusion

During the 1960's, the civil rights movement swept the nation as African Americans rallied to overcome segregation and bigotry. Although in the long run these activists furthered the constitution's promise of equality, they met strong resistance from the predominantly white majority. Indisputably, African Americans have been and remain a marginalized group. However, what about those Caucasian and Asian individuals who marched shoulder to shoulder for equal rights?

[...] You should work to advance the cause of mixed couples only after becoming an advocate for the rights of your culture. If your group does not accept you, then the chances of your relationship being accepted by anybody else decrease dramatically. 4-Do not let mainstream society stifle your development as a couple and as individuals. The fact remains that you are marginalized and, while you can rally for better treatment and even win acceptance, understand the fate of intercultural couples lies in the hands of the dominant discourse. [...]

[...] white male and black woman made the mistake of not properly communicating, ultimately ending a nine-year bond. The man explained, work in human rights made her face racism, assault, and ignorance every day my own mistake was being supportive rather than working by her side I made the mistake of believing that by being here for her I was doing my part to stop all the things she was fighting for.? (Keary 4). Sharing a residence and similar beliefs does not guarantee the survival of the relationship. [...]

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