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The effects of fraternities on American history

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is so appealing about fraternal orders?
  3. Masons in the government
  4. Fraternities and sororities in colleges
  5. The ideals of brotherhood
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

At some point in history, man found a way to bond with his fellow man, in an exclusive grouping system with organization and benefits. Whether it is early man as a clan or primitive humans staying together for safety and food, humans are drawn together because we are naturally social beings. Over the history of time, humans have found many ways of making themselves part of a lager whole in order to put themselves better off then being alone. In the early years of our great nation, our founding fathers found that being part of the Masons was not only helpful but made them more powerful, more exclusive, and more favorable to trust in a time where trust was something to be won and not just handed out. Fourteen of our nation's Presidents as well as numerous other important and influential citizens have also been Masons, parts or founders of more modern Fraternities and social organizations, and important inventors, scientist and cultural icons.

[...] The list of Masons and members of other fraternal orders in our nations history will forever be changing, with new members every year it is the worlds largest fraternal organization. And with new pledges every year, fraternal organizations will continue to grow and expand forever. Who knows, perhaps someone writing on this subject twenty years from now will be writing about someone you know, someone you met. The history of our nation will forever be changing, and as long as there are individuals who stand out against [...]

[...] In today's America, one could certainly say that food would rank if not top, very close to the top, and it being a subject I greatly enjoy, certainly it would be wrong not to include fraternal effects on American food culture. Everyone likes fried chicken and cheeseburgers. We Americans consume an unruly amount of food, fried food especially. And wouldn't you know that two of Americas most loved fast food icons are both hugely successful Masons. Dave Thomas, founder of one of the best fast food companies in the country, was more than just a burger and fries kind of guy. [...]

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