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The Politics of Liberty

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  1. Introduction
  2. The question of liberty
  3. The state of Minnesota and the high content of mecury in the fish
  4. Arguments made by skeptics
  5. Conclusion

The new generation of American children is the first in United States history who are expected to live shorter lives than their parent generation. The trend is largely a result of poor health and not projected increases in crime or auto-accidents or some other factor. And the new generation's lower life-expectancy due to ?poor health? does not include factors such as a possible avian flu pandemic, or other such animal-borne illnesses. The trend toward youth's poorer health is largely due to unhealthy lifestyles.

[...] Citizens are often warned by local government and the Department of Natural Resources of ?fish advisories? when fish should be avoided, but citizens do have the right to eat the fish if they choose to do so, and no one suggests legislation to curb the consumption of fish. But does this mean mercury buildup in Minnesota lakes should be allowed to continue unabated, perhaps to the point where fish are no longer edible? Is it simply the consumer's problem if he chooses to eat a poison fish? [...]

[...] But in the case of cigarettes and trans-fats, the question of personal liberty is inaccurate; the question I have the right to choose to poison myself?? is incorrectly phrased. Rather, the question should be: Do others have the right to poison others? Do food and drug manufacturers have to right to poison individuals? The answer to this question is simple. No, they should not. But they do. So what can be done about it? First, there should be no option to choose your poison. [...]

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