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You Have Got To Have Faith

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  1. What is faith?
  2. Where do you find faith?
  3. Do you have faith?
  4. Why should you have faith?
  5. Personal experience
  6. Keep the faith
  7. Bibliography

Throughout time and across most historical records, people have been asked to have faith in some all-knowing, omnipotent deity in one form or another. Whether snake worship with human sacrifice or God in heaven above, we are all asked to have faith. Who is doing the asking? Well, just about everyone. From your neighbor next door to your boss at work and from the sidewalk preacher to the bicycle-riding advocates, there is always someone asking you to have faith. Some people are very subtle about the way they introduce their doctrine, others try to ram it down your throat. All in all, wherever you turn, someone is preaching about faith.

[...] With hurricane Katrina virtually destroying New Orleans and the surrounding area, with our sons and daughters fighting a war in Iraq and the general unrest of the world as whole, it is a boon to have strong faith in something that will override your fears and doubts and leave you comforted in your darkest hour. It seems to me that as we progress more in the areas of science, medicine and research, we discover even more devastating and debilitating diseases, conditions and general maladies that have no cure. [...]

[...] In speaking with my wife, a registered nurse for over 12 years, patients who benefit the most from various treatments are those who profess to have extreme faith. There is not a single entity where these patients placed their faith. Instead, there was a vast array of different beliefs that allowed people to believe and to know in their heart that things would work out and that there was a plan for them somewhere. These people included patients who suffered from incurable cancer, from crushing migraine headaches, from the disabling and painful effects of peripheral neuropathy, from the rapid growth of malignant tumors and many other disorders. [...]

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