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Adam vs. Eve

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  1. Introduction
  2. The disparities between man and woman in the labor market
  3. Reasons for differences
    1. Attitudes
    2. Maternity leave
    3. Flexible Jobs
    4. Gender-based jobs
  4. Restoring gender equality
    1. Factors restricting application of the law
  5. Solution
  6. Conclusion

For centuries, it has been a man's world. Women had been confined to performing less serious roles in organizations and were often seen playing the role of secretaries or such positions. However, the last two decades have witnessed a spurt in the number of women making it big in the workplace.

Even as we talk about the world shrinking to a global village and empowerment of women, workplaces are not free from the gender bias. There are instances of large disparities between men and women. The salaries are a constant point of complaint and women rarely attain a higher position in their workplaces. It is thus, inevitable that we address the issues and chalk out a long standing solution.

[...] Despite the above legislations, in 2005, there was a gap of 27% of between men and women with equal qualification. While, seniority and qualifications levels were equal, there are only of women who were "senior managers" as against 93% of men. Also, women who rejoin work after their maternity leave were discriminated against. The study also reported that out of over 15% of part-time employees were women and 80% were unskilled. Factors restricting application of the law - The employers may show a reluctance to apply the Labor Code. [...]

[...] also high and women were mostly confined to do their household chores. But in recent decades, women have access to the same training as men and the mass of housework has dropped significantly, thanks to household appliances. Yet disparities continue to exist. Let us analyze the causes for this disparity by looking through the attitudes and stereotypes that seem to prevail in our society. A. Attitudes We live in a ?supposedly? liberated, yet a predominantly male dominated society. Men are expected to earn more than women and run the household. [...]

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