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A class perspective concerning the issue of cloning

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Genetic engineering.
    1. The natural precursor to cloning.
    2. What is cloning.
    3. Two ways to make a clone.
    4. The begining of cloning.
    5. The cloning of mammals.
  3. A prominent and widely dispersed ideology.
    1. Ethical and moral reflection.
    2. Big business and promotion of cloning.
    3. An issue of the most public kind.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Bibliography.

This paper will attempt to address what is perhaps the single most life altering issue facing our societies today. It is life altering in the utmost sense of the word, literally altering life as we know it. Life on this planet has undergone some significant changes since the dawn of civilization; the discovery of fire, the wheel, the industrial revolution, and the list goes on. The industrial revolution brought perhaps the most significant changes to society as a whole, for it was at this point that we moved from a fuedal society to a capitalist society. Industrialization took the men off the land and put them into the positions of wage earners working for someone else, merely supplying labor. Women on the other hand, were forced into the home looking after the child rearing and looking after the man so he was able to go out into the world to sell his labor, the domestication of women so to speak.

[...] Cloning is here now, and it is no longer a futuristic topic for the genre of science fiction. What is the prevailing ideology around cloning? At this point it would seem there is no one ideology that prevails over any other. There are several groups in society promoting an ideology, each with its own agenda, and each wanting to preserve or improve the status of the part of society that each represents. We will look at some of the dominant ideologies and determine what the group promoting the ideology stands to lose or gain from cloning. [...]

[...] farming model relates to motherhood, women as a class planted with the male seed and harvested; women used for the fruit they bear, like trees; women who run the gamut from prized cows to mangy dogs, from highbred horses to sad beasts of burden.? (Pg 174) She goes on to say in a later writing . it is shocking to see a new desperation in women to be married mothers--to be in the most protected social circle?so as to not be exiled into the desolate dystopia of the pornographically liberated woman. [...]

[...] This new revolution is a technological revolution of a different order, for this new technology tinkers with the very heart of the species, the human Genome. Cloning, the reproduction of the ideal or altered genome has the potential to radically change life on earth. Genetic engineering was the natural precursor to cloning. This involves the alteration of the genetic makeup of a plant or animal. The DNA string can be manipulated in such a way as to give plants or animals characteristics not common to that particular species. [...]

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