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A discussion and analysis of community health in Manchester

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  1. Introduction
  2. The chosen client group
  3. Sale community Web
  4. National Statistics Online
  5. Agencies and professionals for the delivery of health and social care
    1. The CMHT
    2. The role of the occupational therapist
    3. Two implementations of social policy
  6. Naidoo and Wills: Five models and approaches to health promotion
    1. Behavior change
    2. What influences health: An examination of morbidity or mortality and gender or occupation
    3. The quality of housing and lack of it
    4. An individual's attitude to a particular action
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

The aim of this essay is to show an understanding of community health. For the purpose of this essay the community, which will be discussed, will be Priory ward in Sale, which is part of Trafford in Manchester. The role and function of agencies and professionals in the delivery of health and social care within the Priory community will be discussed. How health and social care resources maximize and promote the health of a client group and how some aspects of social policy might impact upon the public health agenda will also be discussed. Basic principles of health promotion will be discussed and how these can be applied in practice to maximize the health of a client group. Factors that can affect the health of the community and a client group, how individual attitudes might impact upon maximizing health and how the process of socialization can affect health beliefs and behaviors and therefore health and social well being will also be discussed.

[...] UpMyStreeet (2003) suggests that the Priory community are less receptive to radio advertising than the average community, are more likely to believe a woman's place is in the home, more likely to eat a vegetarian diet and show little interest in new technologies and pieces of equipment. Naidoo and Wills (2000) argue that for in order for individuals to change their behavior, they need a reason to change, feel at risk with their current behavior, feel change could be advantageous and have few unpleasant effects and must feel capable. [...]

[...] An individual's behavior may be a reaction to the circumstances in which they live and the sources of these circumstances (for example, unemployment, poverty) are outside their control and influence their health (Naidoo and Wills, 2000). Naidoo and Wills (2000) argue that in order to establish what influences health, social scientists and epidemiologists will look for at least two variables, an assessment of health or more accurately ill health, such as morbidity or mortality and an aspect such as gender or occupation that might describe the diversity in health. [...]

[...] Two further implementations of social policy that has impacted upon the public health agenda are the Department of Health's 1992 document The Health of the Nation and their 1998 green paper Our Healthier Nation A Contract for Health. The Health of the Nation document according to Keeley (2000) brings to light the significance to mental health issues and brought about the 1993 Department of Health handbook The Health of the Nation, Key Area Handbook, Mental Illness whose overall aim was to reduce ill health and death produced by mental health problems. [...]

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