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A project to support the school of Oradea, Romania

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  1. Introduction
  2. WTO
    1. The attractiveness of the WTO remains strong
    2. The dispute settlement body works
  3. The malfunctioning of the WTO announced the end model?
    1. The Doha round of negotiations
    2. Institutional weaknesses
  4. The WTO does not have the means to ensure effective regulation of trade
  5. Conclusion

Romania joined the European Union in January 2007. Despite the fact that this country is developing, there are several disparities. In order to get rid of these disparities, the country needs assistance. Our study will focus on a project implemented in a School in Oradea. The objective of this project is to assist the Andrei Muresanu school located in Oradea, which is the gateway to the western border of Romania. The assistance will primarily be physical and financial.

Apart from this, the project will also include a cultural dimension which will allow the children to rediscover themselves. This will be made possible by allowing the children to speak with other children of their age in French. These children should then be able to open up to the outside world and to the French culture. This will help them exchange ideas, cultures and will enable them to work just like the children from France. Thus, a project of this size could be the first step towards the development of these small Romanian Schools. This will help them to be on par with the other nations that have been the members of the European Union for long.

Since the beginning of its design, the project objectives combine three aspects that are complementary and allow some economic, social and cultural development on small scale.

After two years, I can say that to sustain the project in addition to the primary objectives of the project.

The material aid
The goal is to acquire various materials such as:
? computers,
? books, dictionaries, encyclopedias to promote learning of French
? equipment for physical education and sports
? teaching tools

The financial assistance:
It will finance the purchase of school equipment missing on site and the work to be done to renew the front of the school that is falling apart, what I saw when I visited the school.

The human exchange:
The project also seeks the development of these children through the opening to French culture
The country has always been open to France as a cultural model for many people. The French language is studied in some schools at a rate of 9 hours per week. In addition, the number of schools teaching French has increased in recent years.

So, I planned to organize an exchange with students from an elementary school so they can correspond with the school project. The goal is that these children know other horizons, not only from books but also through contact with other children their age.

During the two years that I have built this project, I worked hard to make adequate assistance to these children. Seeing the results I realized that even one person can achieve this goal even if it matches that of a group, all you have to do is be motivated and not afraid to use the system.

November 17, 2006: Obtaining an agreement with the headmaster of the Lycée Paul Claudel (Mrs. Hombert) to donate supplies (books) and computers.

Tags: Andrei Muresanu school, Lycée Paul Claudel,humanitarian assistance

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