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A proposed solution for the operation of a center to alleviate the problem of homelessness

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  1. Introduction
    1. Abstract
    2. Background
    3. Problem
    4. Purpose of report
    5. Scope of report
  2. Discussion
    1. Social responsibility
    2. Social implications
    3. Root causes
  3. Conclusion
  4. Recommendations
  5. References
  6. Site visit
  7. Illustrations/appendix

The present report is a preliminary research report into the problem of homelessness. An in-depth look at the problem of homelessness is detailed with precise statistics along with an exposition of the social implications of this problem. Root causes are identified and discussed and existing solutions looked at. Finally, a proposed solution is offered with recommendations to effectively deal with the problem of homelessness. Baltimore, also known as ?Charm City? holds little allure for the roughly 3,400 (On January 22, 2009, there were 3,419 homeless individuals in Baltimore City according to the National Coalition for the Homeless) or so who find themselves with no roof or bed, on any given night. The city once boasted itself as a major industrial and economically prosperous town and hosted diverse companies involved in steel processing, shipping, auto manufacturing, and transportation. Unfortunately, deindustrialization eventually led to the loss of tens of thousands of low-skill, high-wage jobs.

[...] For example, a 1999 report by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, claimed that many cities are continuing to enact and enforce restrictions on homeless people's use of public spaces. This act is arguably in violation of many international and domestic laws which pertain to human and citizen rights. Additionally, homeless children are often denied equal opportunity to education due to barriers such as transportation, residency requirements, and difficulties obtaining needed documentation. Social Implications: What many do not realize is that homeless people not only suffer from the direct consequences of lacking shelter such as enduring harsh weather, but they are also the targets of many hate crimes and pranks. [...]

[...] These statistics, however, may mislead one when trying to find a comprehensive solution to the problem of homelessness because they run the risk of falsely categorizing ?homeless people? as marginalized individuals with stereotypical personal characteristics which will cause them to remain homeless indefinitely. Ergo, this may lead to the incorrect conclusion that the homeless are unreachable, isolated, and untreatable. However, Dr. Dennis Culhane of the University of Pennsylvania in the 1990's employed a "hospital model" of length of stay in shelter beds to reveal that the population is made up of three distinct groups of shelter users (Culhane and Kuhn 1998). [...]

[...] Purpose: The purpose of this long report is to provide a deeper level of understanding of the problem of homelessness and to use this knowledge to formulate a preliminary solution in the hopes of actually making a meaningful impact for alleviating homelessness. The knowledge and insight gained into the problem will be used to guide the development of a coordinating services center which will be outlined in further depth in future proposals. Scope: The present report will cover, in further depth, the background and statistics regarding the problem of homelessness in Baltimore, MD. [...]

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