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Adult education program

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  1. Introduction
  2. Training
    1. On-the-job training (OJT)
  3. Job rotation and exchange
  4. Adult education plan
  5. Gap analysis of the current employees
  6. Roles and responsibilities
  7. Observation/ recommendation
  8. References

Many companies recognize the need for continuous adult education also known as learning and development for employee development. Human capital is one of the key assets in an organization. Development of human capital brings out the best in its people for better business results and attainment of company goals and objectives, and future excellence.

[...] In order to perform a gap analysis the following is carried out; identify the competences required for the fulfillment of departmental goals, establishing the skills, competencies and individual goals that the staff member currently possesses. Then, determine the required skills to best support the achievement of desired performance results of that position and finally, comparing the two and coming up with the gap (Bednar, 2007). Roles and Responsibilities The following outlines the roles and responsibilities of various parties in ensuring that the adult training needs are met and that relevant and effective courses/programs are provided. [...]

[...] Employees should be encouraged to participate in the program since I have noticed that most employees resist the changes that come with the adult education. Proper prior education should be implemented to reduce this resistance. I was intrigued by the process that the organization sets apart some funds and the employees are asked to indicate in a form the courses they would like to attend. This shows the interest that the organization has on the general wellbeing of the employees since education is life. [...]

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