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Africa’s situation

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  1. Introduction
  2. The physical basis
  3. Sahara desert
  4. The normal precipitation pattern
  5. The tsetse fly and trypanosomiasis
  6. The ITCZ
  7. Poverty in Africa
  8. Conclusion

Africa is one of the biggest continents in the world, approximately three Americas equaling the square mileage of Africa. There are parts of Africa that are largely isolated and uninhabited by people due to lack of resources or areas such as the African deserts Kalahari, Sahara and the Nabib. On the other hand, areas such as along the coasts in Northern and Western Africa are extremely dense.

[...] This rainfall produces thick vegetation and rainforest, further impeding mobility throughout the Western area. The fact that precipitation comes in seasons affects the African way of life. In dry season, a minute amount to no rain falls, yet in the wet season, a foot of rain could precipitate. This phenomenon directly contrasts other parts of the world where the normal precipitation pattern has an even quantity of precipitation per month. In Africa, the summertime from May to October is when the most rain would predictably fall. [...]

[...] The tsetse fly thrives in hot humid conditions. Thus people in these areas rely on goats for milk, and other animals for meat. It is evident, made publicized by the media and scientists, that the Sahara is creeping southern ever so slowly year by year. This process, called desertification, is causing more and more droughts in the Sahel area, specifically. But the fact that these droughts are occurring are also exacerbated by governmental indecision, or rather bad decisions, and the ignorance of some farmers that overgraze, irrigate in such a way that it harms the land, and other farming practices that are completed in such a way that it harms the land or in excess. [...]

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