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AIDS and Transnational Networks

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  1. Introduction - Case abstract
  2. Strategic Audit
    1. Current mission
    2. Current objectives
    3. Current strategies
  3. External environment
  4. Internal environment
  5. Strategic alternatives
    1. Continue Related Diversification Strategy via Acquisitions
    2. Expand Retailing Stores in Latin America & Beyond
    3. Introduce New Products in Current Retail Locations
  6. Recommendation
  7. Implementation

The purpose of this document is to discuss international health problems. Over the years, there has been a collective mobilization on public issues such as this. Marc Dixneuf, a Ph.D in Political Science , has conducted a lot of research on one of the major health problems of the world: AIDS. He is part of an organization called Sidaction, which supports research programs on AIDS in France and in developing countries. According to one such research conducted by Dr. Dixneuf, there was a serious mismatch between health problems, the response of nations towards them, and the frame work in which they were supposed to exist. This continued mismatch has given rise to health emergencies today. If the same situation continues, tension around the world may increase, as the health problems will become matters of urgency. These emergencies can also have repurcussions beyond the health sector. If nations continue to ignore health problems, it may lead to their instability, and may also hamper their economic development. Today, health problems have become matters of "global governance". This means that both diplomatic governmental and non-governmental organizations in various nations must get together, in order to study these health problems and take action against them. The diveristy of actors involved in the fight against health problems have sometimes led to tensed power relations. Health issues have been getting a lot of attention lately, due to the internationalization of health policies, which has been accentuated by globalization. The study on HIV/AIDS, and the action against it has been the result of this process. The study conducted by Dr. Dixneuf has made it possible to establish a basis for the reflection on health issues, to understand HIV/AIDS, and to understand terms such as "global governance". These studies have also helped us understand the interaction between the various actors involved in fighting these health maladies, and framing health policies.

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