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Allegations against Black Africans

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  1. Introduction
  2. Africans considered as barbarians
  3. The Christian missionaries and ministers
  4. Slave masters in the early eighteenth century
  5. David Hume and Georg Hegel
  6. Transportation of Africans into the Americas
  7. Conclusion

In understanding the false allegations that follow the Black Africans, we must first go all the way back and understand their role in history. Black people have been characterized my many a scholar and intellectual, and perhaps analyzing their critiques could lead us to conclude that they had much influence in shaping an archetype African.

[...] Bosman did not mention black culture at all in his book that was considered authoritative and claimed it was the accurate report of a part of Guinea. Houston compared Africans to ?Monkeys? in his book. Phillips described Africans as ?deceitful? and intemperate that they drank brandy as if it were water.? Barbot thought it was sheer kindness to ship an African out of his homeland and force him to be a slave and a Christian in the West Indies. Yet he noted that Africans were too ?stupid and sensual? to actually adhere to the tenants of the Christian belief. [...]

[...] Social Darwinism seemed to propagate the image of black Africans as inferior and weak in the survival of the fittest. Many historians and professors at prestigious colleges such as Yale and Columbia commented on the Blacks as not being men. Francis Galton explained that blacks will never be as smart as white men, and for that matter smart. Egypt is remarked about as not being part of Africa, and partaking in the Middle Eastern world to some scholars. Scholars defer to Egypt as Hamitic, being part of the Europeans. [...]

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