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Alstom's TGV

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the current home market of the product to be marketed internationally
    1. Description of the current home market of the product
    2. SWOT analysis
    3. ESLPT analysis
  3. Choice of potential markets and justification
    1. The USA
    2. England
  4. The TGV can be marketed in England
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

Nowadays, transport plays bigger part in our society. For the last century, the transport has not ceased.. That's why I've chosen to talk about this topic. I, particularly want to talk about a French company called Alstom.

But this company is quite large and has many products based on transporting people. In this essay, I will tell how Alstom can market the TGV, internationally.
Moreover, Alstom is the international leader in the market of high-speed trains. The TGV is present now in Europe (France, Spain) and in Asia (Korea). I want to show in this essay that the TGV is a revolutionary invention and it can be introduced in many countries.

In 1960, the railroad was technologically and economically weakened. This is why, the French started thinking about a new kind of railroad. Against concurrent like the plane and the car, the best solution seemed to create the high-speed lines.

It's like this that, in 1981, the first line between Paris to Lyon was brought into service. It is thus that the TGV story has begun.

[...] if a company like Arriva decides to built a high-speed line between to big cities and it chooses Alstom to install and provide TGV that will be allow new contracts. Besides, if a company starts to install TGV, the other companies will want to have it in order to remain in the competition. That will be a good opportunity and advantage for Alstom because it will have already references. But, be careful because Alstom doesn't have the monopoly in this market. [...]

[...] Moreover the government is involved in trading agreements with the EU for the development of the TGV (Eurostar, Thalys). Economy: In 2004, the gross domestic product in France was 1648 billion euros. Nevertheless the gross domestic product per habitant was 25370 In 2004, the number of unemployed people was and the inflation rate was approximately (MSN Encarta, 2005). With these statistics we can see that France is a rich country and that's why this country has the means to develop its transport. [...]

[...] And I think that the TGV can be a good solution for the future to preserve the environment and to currency the cars and the plane (which are present in this country). The USA From a macro economic point of view, we can say that the USA is the richest and the most developed country in the world. In fact, in 2004, the gross domestic product of this country was approximately billions dollars (that is to say more than seven times the GDP of France). [...]

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