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An inconvenient truth about an inconvenient truth

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  1. Introduction
  2. The theory behind global warming
  3. Proof of the current warming trend
  4. Global warming theory
  5. Temperature measurements
  6. Claims by the global warming camp
  7. Conclusion

Catastrophe! Disaster! The Apocalypse! These may not be the first ideas that come to mind when a person thinks of global warming, however these are the ideas many leading scientists and environmentalists would have everyone believe. The theory of global warming has been around for some time. Recent rises in global temperature have given more credibility to the theory. Currently, the main culprit is believed to be humanity and its mass production of greenhouse gases. This idea is being pushed by the media and activists like Al Gore.

[...] Even James Hansen from NASA, the father of global warming theory, and Richard Lindzen, the world-renowned climatologist from MIT, agree that if nothing is done to restrict greenhouse emissions, the global temperature will only increase about one degree Celsius in the next fifty to one hundred years (The Science of Global Warming, Internet). The best computer model from the National Center for Atmospheric Research shows that even if followed by every nation, the Kyoto treaty would lower the global temperature eighteen hundredths of a degree Celsius over the next fifty years (Taylor 314). [...]

[...] Perhaps the most puzzling thing is that the temperature in the stratosphere appears to be cooling (Monti 298). Temperature records are often cited to show warming trends, but it is important to see where they are from and in what context they are taken out of. Many kinds of data can be misleading when taken out of context. Temperature measurements are not the only incorrectly cited proof of global warming. Often, news reports show large pieces of glaciers melting, or polar bears stranded on ever shrinking pieces of ice. [...]

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