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An overview of family planning

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  1. Introduction
  2. Contract from Vice President of Finance
  3. Crossed signals to politics
  4. Family planning
  5. Working of the administration
  6. The subpar health system
  7. Private contractual relationships
  8. Conclusion

Knox women will soon have access to more affordable reproductive care near campus, as a new contract is drafted between the college and Family Planning.

The new deal is the product of months of administrative confusion and mis-communication.

In the past, Knox had an agreement with Family Planning that, among other benefits, gave Knox women a breast exam, pap smear, and hemoglobin, pregnancy, and STD tests for a flat rate of $50. When the Knox College Health Center opened in 2007, the contract lapsed. Although psychology professor and Family Planning Board of Directors member Heather Hoffman said the college had this deal for at least five years before the Health Center started, members of the administration including Xavier Romano denied or were not aware that the deal had ever existed.

?I don't know quite why Xavier said there was no contractual relationship,? said Hoffman. Valerie Harding, Executive Director of the Family Planning Board of Directors, verified that the contract had existed and been terminated.

[...] On board OF WHAT of family planning. I e-mailed Emily to see if she knew what was up, and I think she wanted health care to happen and wasn't clear on what I was asking. Didn't really respond. I know that val had sent a letter. Em talked to Xavier who said we'd never had a relationship in the ten years he's been there. I think that's wrong. The contract I think was that k's health ins would reimburse fam plan. [...]

[...] The contract was when we could go to anyone of a list of docs. Changed without someone knowing. Trying to ?play catch-up.? Deal hopefully in the next few weeks. New contract negotiated. We want women's health to be a big part of what we do. Redoing contract with GB clinic as well, normal yearly update. Fam Planning will always be cheaper. Trading walking downtown for cheaperness. That's something I'm not happy with. Want people to come on campus, but people seem to vote for cheap option. [...]

[...] The Knox clinic currently offers the same battery of tests Family Planning used to offer for $50 for $180, due in part to newer tests, but mostly to the fact that Family Planning receives government subsidies that allow them to offer services more cheaply than the Knox clinic can. Hoffman also said many students prefer Family Planning regardless of price. ?I'm not saying anything against the Galesburg Clinic [which runs the Knox clinic], but as far as I can tell, students dealing with STIs have not had positive experiences except at Family Planning. [...]

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