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Analysis of the Fundamentalism theory

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  1. Introduction
    1. Understanding the concept of fundamentalism
  2. The world trade centre bombings
    1. Sunni Muslim organization and fundamentalism
    2. Al Qaeda and fundamentalism
  3. People in grief
    1. Islamic fundamentalists
    2. David Koresh: The leader of a radical sect of Seventh Day Adventism
  4. Waco Siege
    1. The Mount Carmel Center
  5. A prayer camp in the United States
    1. Violent Islamic expression of fundamentalist religious belief
  6. Shaker community
    1. Escaping religious persecution
  7. Shaker desk
    1. Fundamentalist beliefs
  8. Kim Jong-Il, dictator of North
  9. George Bush's mission accomplished
    1. Vision of national policy
  10. The earth
  11. Conclusion

What is fundamentalism? In the 2004 Penguin English Dictionary, fundamentalism is said to be specifically a ?belief in the literal truth of the Bible? as well as ?a movement in 20th century Protestantism emphasizing this belief.? More generally, fundamentalism is said to be ?a movement stressing strict adherence to a set of basic principles or beliefs.? Dr. Mel Thompson, an author of books on Eastern Philosophy, writes that ?fundamentalism is the general attempt to get to the basics, or fundamentals, of belief, setting aside any sophisticated theological argument or doctrines. In Christianity it has generally come to be used for an approach based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. In Islam, it applies to those who claim to take an uncompromising approach to applying the Shariah, or religious law.? Like most anything, fundamentalism and fundamentalist beliefs can be perverted for evil uses, or can be instead used to accomplish much that is good and worthy. Just as science can be responsible for both penicillin and the atomic bomb, so fundamentalist belief can be shown to be a way of directing people towards common goals of harmony and creativity or more sinister goals of destruction and intolerance.

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