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Asia: The example of a specialist tour operator

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The company we shall analyze in this document is the Asia Travel Agency, which was founded 29 years ago by Jean Paul Chantraine. It is a specialist tour operator in the Asian continent (the first destination in the aspirations of people and a continent that continues to thrill and intrigue travelers) which wishes to affirm its status, as evidenced by its slogan ?French expert on the Asian market!' It has 130 employees in France, 450 permanent staff in Asia and 350 proposals for travel for every 390 selected hotels per year. In 2007, the company published 5 booklets, assisted 45,000 customers on their journeys, and achieved a turnover of 80 million. The company has forged strong links with its Asian partners over the years, ensuring a discovery of Asia through customized tours.

Moreover, its recognized position as the specialist of individual travel in Asia allows it to be more efficient. The company is clearly committed to responsible tourism, which is environmentally friendly and benefits the local populations (the company guides are salaried), promoting the discovery and meetings by offering tours and classical itineraries. It also offers unusual, thematic, targeted and comprehensive tours. The company is trying to promote closer encounters and quality exchanges.

Competition is very important for Asia; there are indeed 140 TO programmers related to Asia in their brochures in France. It was found first that all specialists were with Yoketai (the tour operator has just been acquired by Kuoni), Australia Tour or Land Burmese. The number one remaining competitor is the Voyageurs du Monde. Tourism in general is highly subject to climatic, economic and political elements. Asia suffered the tragedy of the Tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004, the tourism activity was slowed down considerably. The crisis management and risk is essential for TO to inform and communicate.

Asia offers various ranges of travel products (tours, a la carte, groups, packages, etc) and therefore caters to different customer segments. However, its positioning is medium/high-end taking into account the prices and nature trips. Indeed, a trip is usually sold for around 2500-3000 euros. This is due to the quality of services, referral to a fair tourism respectful of local people and the originality and creativity of products. Asia is so easy for people to generate significant revenue, mostly via veteran tourists used to travel. The affluent young professionals, families and seniors are prime targets for customers. To provide products suitable for families "the Asian Family" with the family spirit (interactive, participatory and fun).

Competitive position can be defined by the benefits that Asia has over its competitors. The Asia Travel Agency is a specialist in Asia, the market leader and has significant expertise (150 employees in France and 450 in Asia). The company has a large customer base (45,000 customers in 2007) and is positioned to medium /high-end offering products to justify the price (€ 2500-3000 average) in relation to quality

Tags: Asia; specialist tour operator; analysis of travel agency

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