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I have chosen to research the Baptist Christian denomination. I chose this faith because my boyfriend is Baptist and I have always been fascinated by his church and beliefs. The Baptist church was founded in the year 1611 by John Smyth and Thomas Helwys of Amesterdam. It was founded in the country of England. The Baptist church stemmed from the German Anabaptists that came about in the 1500s. The earliest Baptist church that is known was in Amsterdam in the year 1609. John Smyth, a Baptist founders, was the church's pastor.

There are many basic beliefs of Baptists. The most widely followed beliefs include: following the Bible for worship and practice, baptism must be done by choice, all congregations should form small ?communities? that are connected by their faith, and all believers are called to minister to others (2). This outline of ?rules? is followed by all Baptist believers. There are also many other rules that differ from congregation to congregation.

Baptists originated with the belief in adult baptism (or believer's baptism) as opposed to infant baptism. The act of Baptism is a very symbolic sacrament to the Baptists.

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