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Between sexuality: The rise of the bromance

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  1. Writer's review on the movie 'Superbad'
  2. Heterosexuality among high school boys
  3. Friendship factor in the movie
  4. Meaning and motive of high school boys trying to get laid in the movie
  5. Conclusion

While some may call the film ?Superbad? immature, unnecessary, and disgusting, I find it to be a heartwarmingly hilarious movie that details the so-called ?bromance? of two best friends in the final days of high school. To the uninitiated, a bromance is not a homosexual relationship, rather a deep connection between two male best friends. Seth and Evan look like typical high school best friends, which helps viewers to relate to, believe, and accept the idea of the bromance.

[...] ?Superbad? clearly outlines what to do in a bromance by asserting the heterosexuality of Seth and Evan, while still showing the closeness of the two best friends. When Seth and Evan are talking to Jules in their Home Economics class, after finding out that they are going to different schools, Jules says, you're cutting the cord, to which Evan replies, ?We're not dependent on each other. We met when we were eight. We were ok before that, I mean, I was fine before then. [...]

[...] One of the clearest areas of the film to show the bromance is the final parting shot of Seth and Evan in the mall. When they decide to depart from each other and go with the girls, they awkwardly say their goodbyes, I have your information? and shake each other's hand. This clearly demonstrates that the two of them have definitely not gotten over their awkwardness yet. At the same time, it is showing their feelings for each other in a visual way. [...]

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