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Causes for civil war in Algeria (1992-2002)

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The civil war in Algeria represented a black period for the Algerians, as well as for the economic and social segments of the population. The devaluation of the currency and the loss of political power in the context of the international relations prevented Algeria from marching ahead in the path of progress. The role of the army is paradoxical in this war and around 500.000 lives were lost in the war.

Algeria is a former French colony that became an independent country in 1962. The freedom comes after 8 years of war between 1954 and 1962 and a referendum by the acclaimed French General De Gaulle.

Therefore populist politics, hegemonic within the FLN and the National Liberation Front was implemented when it came to power in 1962. This was a marked weakness resulting from the combination of a proactive project administration and authoritarian countries, in the myth of ?authenticity? to find, and a cultural restoration project. After thirty years, the problems piled up in the open in 1992.

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