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Change management - Support for day care workers encountering integration

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  1. Abstract
  2. Process change in the aircraft manufacturing industry
  3. The commitment and enthusiasm of the director of a daycare centre
  4. Understanding how workers in daycare centres can be supported
  5. Managing the needs of children
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

There is a growing acceptance of the need to integrate children with extra support needs into daycare programs, and more and more daycare centers are attempting to integrate these children. To support the daycare workers who must learn to accommodate children with extra support needs, we must consider how we support these workers. Their own sense of community is one element ? other elements described in this paper include working with specialists and parents to identify goals for the child, and ensuring that daycare workers and specialists had a simple and non-directive method of communicating about the child with each other.
The academic study of integrating children with extra support needs into daycare programs in Canada is a relatively new field. As Irwin, Lero and Brophy (2004) note, the movement towards integration has only emerged in Canada since the 1970s; even now, integration is somewhat inconsistent, with some provinces and territories providing more funding and special support resources than others (Irwin, Lero and Brophy: xx-xxi). Because this is a relatively new area, there are many factors that need to be explored in greater detail. This paper is focused on one area in particular; what occurs when daycare workers are put into a new situation, where they must support the integration of children with extra support needs into the facility where they work. The primary questions I will explore are how to support the needs of these workers, and how to approach the problems that can occur with this kind of change (questions of leadership and empowerment).

[...] As discussed above, we want to explore and understand how workers in daycare centres can be supported in their efforts to integrate children with extra support needs, and also, how the problems that will naturally occur during a period of change can be dealt with. Devore and Hanley- Maxwell (2000) noted in their study that: ?Barriers and facilitators affecting collaborative relationships were identified as investment in the program, perceived ownership of the children, a shared philosophy, staff communication, role release, role clarity and satisfaction, stability in adult relationships, initiative, and administrative support.? (Devore and Hanley-Maxwell: 247). [...]

[...] One aspect of managing the needs of children with extra support needs has been identified in several studies: making an inventory of the child's needs, and providing a roadmap/goals statement of where the child is, and what the parents and specialists feels are the most important goals for the child's immediate development. These type of inventory documents work in two ways they help current workers understand the child and connect to both the child and its family, and also help new workers quickly and easily understand the child and its needs. [...]

[...] Characteristics of Effective Mental Health Consultation in Early Childhood Settings: Multilevel Analysis of a National Survey. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 142-164 Humphries, E., & Senden, B. (2000). Leadership and Change: A Dialogue of Theory and Practice. Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 26-38 Irwin, S.H., Lero, D.S., Brophy, K., (2004) Inclusion: The Next Generation in Child Care in Canada. Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia: Breton Books. Kelly, K. M., Siegel, E. B., & Allinder, R. M. (2001). Personal Profile Assessment Summary: Creating Windows into the Worlds [...]

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