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Communication & youth

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  1. Introduction.
  2. How youth is defined nowadays: A communication point of view.
    1. The subject of the youth market.
    2. Mc Gowan and the definition of youth.
    3. Mc Gowan and a qualitative study aimed at revealing the new faces of youth.
    4. Developments in the information technology environment.
  3. How to communicate with young people?
    1. Convincing young people to buy products.
    2. Internet as a good media in order to communicate with Generation Y.
    3. Characteristic of a good communication campaign towards young people.
    4. Funny communication campaigns.
  4. Conclusion.

The media view of youth is hardly encouraging. We read about hoodies, ?happy slapping', teenage pregnancy, drugs, STDs. And these days too, we find part of the world's youth actively turning themselves into would-be suicide bombers. So, why do we get so obsessed about marketing to them? (White, 2005. White (2005) gives the answer of his own question. The first true thing is the fact that young people are not all like it's described above. Then, and here are the most important issues for marketers to remember, youth offers very good opportunities for them: Demographic opportunity: apart from Western Europe, Japan and the USA, people under 25 years old represent the majority of the current world's population. Consequently, there is a huge market for marketers to investigate.Brand loyalty: young people develop a huge loyalty towards the brands. Consequently, if marketers succeed in selling their products to this target, there's a big probability that young people will keep on buying your brand in the future.

[...] Each young people are exposed to 20,000 commercial messages a year. Thus, the most important issue you have to take into consideration when communicating with young people (also called ?Generation or ?Millennials?) is the fact that your campaign must be seen as by the ones you target (Syrett and Lammiman, 2004). Therefore to convince young people to buy their products, marketers have to plan campaigns with specific characteristics. One of them is creativity which induces differentiation. Companies have to communicate with Millennials by developing attractive campaigns, ones which are out of the ordinary. [...]

[...] Advertising & Marketing to Children [Article from WARC database] Carrigan, M. and Szmigin, I. (1999) In pursuit of youth: what's wrong with the older market? Marketing Intelligence & Planning 222-231 [Article from Emerald Insight database] Christensen, O. and Rohde, C.C. (1999) Understanding Youth : Their Culture and Language Results from Qualitative and Quantitative Tracking Studies Among Young European Opinion Leaders. ESOMAR, Youth Power, Beijing [Article from the WARC datbase] Clarke, B. (2002) Do U No Wuzzup?: The cultural impact of technology on the Net generation. [...]

[...] That's why this essay will attempt to investigate how youth can be defined from a marketing communication point of view thanks to their behaviour, their values and their attitudes. Then, we will explain how the knowledge of the youth market can help marketers to better communicate with young people, highlighting the criterion and methods needed to target and reach this particular segment. How youth is defined nowadays - A communication point of view media has always been an industry which has celebrated the cult of ?youth' (Carrigan and Szmigin, 1999) The subject of the youth market is interesting given its definition which epitomizes nowadays a large number of different factors and thus creates blurred boundaries. [...]

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