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Conflict resolution and peacemaking

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  1. Introduction
  2. The religious cults
  3. Tension between cults and the world
  4. The conflict
  5. Analysis
    1. The judicial system
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Conflicts arise from many different sources. There are certain issues that bring about spirited debates whether or not either side is right or wrong. One such debate that has endless sides to be argued is the subject of religion. Due to the volatile nature that can be brought out of people because a difference of religious opinion, it is usually in the best interest of people who to have casual conversation concerning the subject.

[...] turn, the religious movements' leaders and supporters have pointed out that their opponents induce members to leave the group by sing equally coercive methods that have become popularly known as ?deprogramming??, is a fact that was brought out in Critical Evaluation of Coercion (1992) (Critical Evaluation of Coercion p1). Analysis The article written by Young & Griffin used different court cases to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of using the concept of coercion to prove that in fact religious cults' recruitment methods have caused substantial damage to those whom are brought into the groups. [...]

[...] Based on the conflict present between individual families, established religions, and religious cults there should be a way for all to peaceably coexist, however the differences between the different groups continue to drive a wedge between the groups and their loved ones. Tension between Cults and the World Religious cults have generally been associated with mass murder or eccentric behavior by those practicing the religion. Many individuals who participate in religious cults tend to believe that his or her experience within the cult is no different than that of a person who believes in a traditional or established religion. [...]

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