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Contract and physics of race: A personal encounter

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  1. Introduction
  2. Physics classroom: An educational experience
  3. Racial contract theory: An application
  4. The racial contract: Political, moral and epistemological
  5. The racial contract norms (and races) space
  6. The racial contract norms (and races) the individual
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

Children learn so much more in school beyond the printed curriculum. Lessons about race, gender, age, appearance, nationality, et cetera, are being effortlessly related. In fact, scholars have been studying this ?hidden curriculum' for years (Anyon, 1980). While the scope of this curriculum is beyond this paper, it is a worthy and weighty investigation. In its stead, I will revisit a personal experience with race and gender in the hidden curriculum, and then review it through the lens of racial theory.

[...] In our physics classroom it appeared that the social contract elements, such as normative spaces and subpersonhood, had overwritten accepted rule of the social normatives. The Racial Contract has to be enforced through violence and ideological conditioning. On a micro-level, my classroom experiences with Jason were a perfect illustration of this thesis. Being in a relatively progressive college town, it was the community spirit that race did not matter. However, given the circumstances, when involved with such a confrontation, race was definitely a consideration. [...]

[...] The ultimate triumph of this education is that it eventually becomes possible to characterize the Racial Contract as ?consensual' and ?voluntaristic' even for nonwhites? (Mills p. 89). At some point in time, someone must have suggested that I was being overly sensitive. At some point, I had trained myself not to speak up, and this was surely not something I learned at home. The Racial Contract has always been recognized by nonwhites as the real moral/political agreement to be challenged. [...]

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